How to use Twitter for your Business Marketing

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Twitter is among the most powerful online business tools. Yet, most marketers are still unsure as to how to harness the potential that this micro-blogging site has to offer.

Get introduced to this unique social media platform and understand the 7 best ways to use Twitter for business marketing in this slideshow.

How to Use Twitter for Business Marketing

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About the Author

Danielle Miller is a social media expert, small business enthusiast, and founder of Miller Media Management, a marketing consulting and coaching company on Maui. Her expertise comes from over ten years working in the marketing industry.

“It can be easy to get so caught up working for or in your business that you forget to work ON your business. That’s where I come in,” Danielle explains.

She specializes in authentically marketing small businesses on social media to fuel sales. She believes building relationships with fans on social media can unlock a community of loyal customers who genuinely support your business. Today, she works with global and local businesses on a daily basic to build profitable relationship using internet marketing. Check out her Yelp reviews  or testimonials to hear what others have to say.




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