miller 2 turnedAt Miller Media Management, we offer social media management services, consulting, and training. Our mission is to help small business owners build profitable relationships with loyal customers.

Social media gives people a chance to communicate with businesses in a casual and fun way. This new way of marketing builds strong relationships with loyal customers that become more likely to refer your business, leave good reviews, and make repeat purchases.


About the Owner

Hi! I’m Danielle Miller, Maui’s marketing coach and small business enthusiast.

I believe entrepreneurs and small businesses are the heart and soul of a happier world. I founded Miller Media Management with the goal of helping small business owners grow so their communities can thrive. I love helping my client build loyal followings on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Many businesses on Maui and on the mainland have used my services to build profiles and pages, develop strategic marketing plans, and effectively integrate social media into their marketing to get more sales.

IMG_0508-X2Some of my favorite milestones in becoming a professional social media marketer have been:

  • Nominee for Mayor’s Small Business Awards Exceptional Small Business of the Year 2020
  • Featured presenter at the Molokai Business Conference 2019
  • Co-founding Maui Social Media School with Nicole Fisher
  • Receiving a 2016 Mayor’s Outstanding Achievement Award in Maui County
  • Accepting a position as an EdVenture Maui Instructor at UH Maui College 2014-2020
  • Moderator of “Social Media Biz Hacks” panel at WedTech Summit
  • Featured presenter at Savvy Business Owners Conference in Arizona August 2016
  • Leading the 2015 Maui Small Business Week Social Media Team with Nicole Fisher and Liza Pierce.
  • Presenting as guest speaker at the MEO Core Four business classes
  • Being keynote speaker for the Maui Wedding and Events Professionals 2015 training
  • Participating on the IMUA Fantasia Ball Social Media Team 2015 + 2016
  • Presenting as keynote speaker for the Maui Wedding Association March 2016 
  • Being a Maui SMUG (Social Media Users Group) featured presenter
  • Live on-air interview with HPR2 Chris Vandercook on The Conversation
  • See more: In the media

How I Became A Professional Social Media Marketer

Many times in my professional life, I’ve been approached to do some social media posting on the side. This happened when I was a bartender, a Realtor, and even Director of Programs & Events for the Chamber of Commerce.

I’d be chatting with the boss about marketing articles or webinars, when suddenly a light bulb goes off. They cast a smile my way and say, “So, Danielle you seem pretty savvy when it comes to this Facebook stuff. How about you manage our social media?” This started way back when I was in college.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Marketing from Bryant University, one of USA Today’s Top 10 schools for Marketing (2014) (Bryant Univiersity rankings & accreditations). My first boss, also known as my Dad, had me open a Facebook business page for his graphic design company in 2006. I had no idea what I was doing and I kept running into unfamiliar obstacles. I was about to graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in business,  but felt there was this whole new world of possibly with the introduction of social media.  The experience left me thirsty for social media marketing know-how.

Online marketing has been a fun, yet time-consuming knot to untangle over the past decade. I find myself reading case studies and discovering new strategies on a daily basis. This “new” style of marketing is constantly shifting. Luckily, I really enjoy reading up on the changes and figuring out the updates.

Social media marketing is being molded into a powerful tool for businesses because it offers the ideal situation for Permission Marketing. Managing social media accounts for small to medium size businesses became my full-time job in 2012. Miller Media Management was born from a mission to help others use social media to build profitable relationships. That’s why I offer training and consulting in addition to our done-for-you services.


What fuels my business motivation?

Danielle Miller | Meet Maui's Marketing Coach & Social Media MarketerAs my business grows, I learn more about myself. I know that I am to creating a business that supports my happy and healthy life. Reading reviews and being recognized for my hard work is truly gratifying. I so appreciate all the kind words people have said! Many times, this is where I get the most business motivation.

I love to systematize and organize things I learn so I can teach others. Brainstorming with entrepreneurs in the Social Marketing Insiders and Savvy Business Owners communities is also a huge motivation.

I hope this has given you an idea of just who I am and why I do what I do. Stay in touch! Connect with me on your favorite social media platform. I post regularly on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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