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How to Spot and Replicate Trending Reels
Wednesday, May 29, 2024
9am – 11am HT / 3PM – 5PM ET

NEW Workshop

Decode the Trend: How to Spot & Replicate Trending Reels

Designed for busy business owners and marketers, this 2-hour session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to leverage trending Reels as a powerful strategy for attracting new followers, boosting engagement, and reaching a wider audience.

Gain the skills to spot trending reels so you can use them to increase your followers, engagement and reach!

We’ll review the latest Instagram algorithm updates, explore techniques for identifying trending content, and guide you through replicating or remixing trending Reels for your own brand – all in an actionable and time-efficient manner.

Attendees will:

  • Understand the impact of the Instagram algorithm on Reels visibility
  • Develop strategies for effectively spotting trending Reels within your niche
  • Learn key components of successful Reels and how to incorporate them into your content
  • Discover effective methods for replicating and remixing trending Reels for your brand
  • Prioritize your time investment and maximize results by focusing on high-impact Reels creation.

You’ll see real examples of trending reels you can start using right away to announce events, new products, special offers, and more.

The workshop is divided into three major learning areas:

1. Instagram’s Most Recent Algorithm Update.

2. How to Spot Trending Reels and Decode What’s Working

3. Strategies for Replicating and Remixing Trending Reels to Make them Relevant to Your Brand

Led by Danielle Miller, lead marketer at the top-rated social media marketing company in Maui, this workshop is designed specifically for business owners and marketers who are ready to take action and elevate their social marketing strategies.

Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot soon!


Upgrade Your Marketing Technique with Results-Driven Strategies

Get guidance on Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Google Ads, Analytics, and so much more!

Our workshops are not just about theory; they are focused on delivering practical, results-driven strategies. Together, we’ll explore the world of social media, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and more. Gain the knowledge and skills to create engaging content, optimize your online presence, and generate measurable results.


How long is the workshop?

Each training is 1.5 hours of instruction with up to 30 minutes allotted for Q&A. The workshop happens online via Zoom.

Can I get access to a recording?

Registered attendees will have access to the recording for up to 30 days after the date of the class.

Recordings of previous classes can be purchases here:

How do I know if this class is a fit for me?

This class will have actionble tips for all levels. From beginners to advanced, you’re sure to learn to new marketing principals and strategies. 

Still unsure? You’re welcome to message us on social media or call 808.633.1033 to talk to about the upcoming class.

Why Choose Maui Social Media School?

At Maui Social Media School, we believe in anchoring on results. Our online classes provide an immersive learning experience tailored specifically for small business owners and marketers.

Attend the livestream workshop where you can ask questions and follow along, or watch the recording on your schedule.

Whether you’re a solopreneur seeking freedom, a marketing enthusiast looking to enhance your skills, or someone aiming to build a rewarding career in the thriving social media marketing industry, our workshops are designed for you.

What Our Students Are Saying:

I have taken many many courses from Danielle. Reason? She is the best. She is always upbeat, fun and caring. She seems to love every one of her students. Her teaching style is concise, organized, interesting, easy to follow. She always has helpful handouts. I really can’t say enough.

Mj Harden

I was happy to be able to take the overview workshop about marketing on social media. Danielle was organized and had lots of good information and tips to help us succeed. I appreciated being able to ask questions and receive knowledgeable answers.

Linda Mitchell

I’m still amazed on how much I learned in two hours of this class. I knew nothing about Pinterest and Tailwind and and now my mind is blown.The ball is rolling and I’m waiting to see where it can take our business. Thank

Janice Simeon

Danielle has such a delightful way of presenting very valuable information on SEO and social media! I truly enjoyed her workshop and plan to attend as many as I can in the future. In just one session, she has changed my marketing approach and given me tools to track efforts in the future.

Monique Jutila

Danielle’s business is one of those “secret weapons” that you want to keep all to yourself but know you should share with everyone!

After attending a couple of her talks and classes around the island, I finally set up an appointment to see how my business could benefit from Danielle’s skills. Well, now I’m addicted to the productivity and results she helps us achieve. As a result, I book regular appointments with her which are often the most productive couple of hours I spend working on my business all week.

If you want to work with someone who is creative, listens well, keeps up to date in their field, and who has a mastery of all things social media (and then some!), look no further.

Rachel Domingo

I have taken several classes taught by Danielle and each has been incredibly valuable. Classes have functioned like a workshop, where we learn techniques and are implementing them in real time so that by the time you leave, you’ve already made improvements. The content is great, current with the times, and ripe with real world application. Danielle is also just a wonderful person,which goes a long way in my book. I cannot speak highly enough! Thank you!
Scott Brown

Endorsement: I took Danielle Miller’s Pinterest and Tailwind class today and it was excellent. Clear, concise, actionable and I am actually looking forward to working on that platform to drive traffic to my podcast and art sites. Five Stars!
Roxanne Darling

Danielle’s workshops have been a terrific resource for all of us involved in social media at Mana’o Radio. The sessions are super substantive but easy to follow, even to those with less experience. And Danielle’s natural enthusiasm makes her an excellent teacher. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to get a handle on the basics and/or to understand the latest developments in social media marketing.

Annie Byrne

i have taken her class and it’s great – she is a true media soul!!!

Kandace MacKenzie

Danielle Miller’s presentations are so chock-full of information and insights that you’ll be glad she records them so you can go back to review them! Very professional and helpful, always at the top of her game. Thanks, Danielle!

Jill Engledow

Ready to Get Serious About Marketing and Have FUN Doing it?

About the Instructor:

Danielle Miller, Miller Media ManagementDanielle Miller is on a mission to help entrepreneurs anchor on results when it comes to marketing their businesses online. She is owner of the top-rated social media marketing company in Maui, Hawaii. She was also an EdVenture Instructor at UHMC and the recipient of a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement from the Mayor for her contribution to the community. She’s been a speaker at WedTech, the Savvy Experience and ACM West conference. Her articles and presentations have been mentioned by Hubspot, Social Media Today, and Social Media Examiner.