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Introduction to Meta Business Suite – $150

Facebook and Instagram are constantly evolving as social media platforms and business marketing tools. The latest updates are to the Meta Business Suite, an integrated online space meant to streamline your Facebook and Instagram posts, messages, insights and ads. With this essential training, business owners will adapt to the new tools easily and learn actionable strategies to improve marketing efforts. 

Meta Business Suite is the FREE tool provided by Facebook so businesses can efficienly manage their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Come on a tour of the platform and learn about hidden features that will save you time.

What’s covered in this class:

  • What is Meta Business Suite?
  • How to toggle between business and personal Facebook
  • How to schedule posts using Meta Business Suite
  • How to read Facebook and Instagram analytics on Meta Business Suite
  • How to manage Facebook and Instagram messages using Meta Business Suite


Workshop - MSMS Meta Business Suite


Introduction to Instagram – $50

From attracting followers to using hashtags strategically, this workshop will teach you the basics of Instagram so you can gain some serious traction. First we’ll go in depth into how to properly set up your Instagram business profile. Then you’ll learn how to use photos, videos, and hashtags to connect with your consumers on a top social media platform.

What’s covered in this class:

  • Optimizing your profile
  • Attracting an audience with hashtags
  • Creating engaging posts

With these simple and actionable Instagram tips, you’ll make better marketing decisions about what content to post, how to reach more people, and how you can get more results from Instagram.

*Note: Students will need to sign up for Instagram before taking this class. Start by downloading the Instagram app on your phone. Then follow the steps in the sign up process to create a username and password.

intro to instagram


Introduction to YouTube – $50

The key to success on YouTube is understanding the 4 types of videos you’ll be creating and how to optimize the videos during upload to maximize their reach. In this class you’ll learn about these core video types, then we’ll go over the strategy for getting your videos discovered and recommended on YouTube.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, the right video on YouTube can continue to generate views for years. With YouTube, the sooner you get started, the better. Let this class be the catalyst you need to get started.

Note: Students will need to sign up for YouTube before taking this class. Start by signing into your Google Account then follow the steps in the sign up process to create a channel.

Intro to Youtube


Introduction to Pinterest – $50

What if the dollar of energy you put into a social media post paid off for weeks, months, or even years…. it can! Pinterest is the go-to platform for long term results.

Pinterest is a unique and powerful search engine. Pinterest users use the platform to plan, do, and buy. They are known for their intent to buy and tend to spend more too.

An active Pinterest presence will not only bring you more website traffic, it can also improve your SEO.

What We’ll Cover:

  • How does Pinterest help with SEO?
  • Simple steps to setting up your profile for success
  • How to pin images and blog post from your website

*Note: Students will need to sign up for Pinterest before taking this class

Introduction to Pinterest


How To Create Content Like A Pro – $50

We walk you through the most important parts of developing quality content that begs engagement and sharing as well as the many small details that are not well-known or shared.

Content Pro


The NEW Facebook Marketing Strategy: Groups and Ads – $50

Facebook has changed so much over the past year. People are using the platform differently. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, join me for a Facebook workshop where we’ll dive into using Facebook groups and ads so you can beat the algorithm and get noticed.

New Facebook Marketing


Instagram Stories & Highlights – $50

75% of businesses are using Instagram for marketing these days—​and they aren’t limiting themselves to the news feed. On average, brands publish 2-3 Stories each week.

Stories are the key to staying top of mind and engaging with your followers. So, how do they work and what are the tricks to getting them posted efficiently and effectively? You’ll learn the simple steps in this class.

Plus, we’ll teach you the trick to getting stories to last longer than 24 hours while putting your profile to work for you.

Instagram Stories


Facebook Ads: Verifying Your Domain – $50

It’s crucial to verify your domain when setting up Facebok Ads.  We run you through this and other important steps.

Facebook Ads


Measuring Social Media Success – $50

How do you know your social media efforts are paying off? Are you keeping track of what’s working and what’s not so you can improve?

Analytics and insights can be overwhelming, but in truth, they hold the answers to how you are going to succeed. By looking at Google Analytics, you can tell which website pages are the most important so you know exactly where to focus your time on website updates.

By looking at Facebook insights, you can identify which posts are the most popular so you know what type of content your audience likes and can spend your money wisely on boosts.

By looking at Instagram insights, you can tell if your hashtag strategy is working and what time is best for you to post on the feed and stories.

This class is one of the most important trainings you can take. We’ll go over what stats you should be tracking to identify what’s working and what’s not. We will cover insights for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Analytics.

Remember, “if you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing!”

measuring social media