Womens Mastermind Maui reviews
“Danielle was outstanding. She allowed us to talk, but also kept the pace moving. She also used our companies and products as examples over and over again in her talk — which I thought was very clever and quick of her. It would have been so much easier to have a canned product and brand to use in every class. But, to be able to insert our products and businesses kept us all quite lively.” 
– MJ Harden, Author
Earth's Living Clay Logo
“I’ve been on social media for 2+ years, but only recently has Danielle taken over and I’m so glad SHE did! She knows her stuff when it comes to social media and is way ahead of the curve when it comes to both planning and executing. My newsletter list has also grown faster than it had been. I have referred Danielle to other entrepreneurs too and will continue to do so!”
– Janet Lancaster, Earth’s Living Clay


“Danielle has been working on our social marketing network for nearly a year now and we have seen an increase of followers in all of our social media outlets. Not only is she a pleasure to work with and extremely trustworthy, Danielle always goes above and beyond what is requested of her. She brings more to the plate which increases the exposure of my business. I give her the highest of recommendations and can say with the utmost of certainty that she won’t disappoint.”
– Me-Shell Mijangos, SwellWomen Surf & Yoga Retreats
“Danielle is an awesome strategist and social media expert who has helped me to take actions to get results in my business. She cuts through technology and is an excellent copy writer and social media manager.”
– Richard Taubinger, Conscious LLC
“I’m amazed and delighted!!! Danielle is fun to work with and very clear! She took time to go over things before we met and it made me feel that there was so much value in our meeting! Her organization is very refreshing. I finally feel like the ball is moving.”
– Amanda Marshall, Bloom Massage Works / Angel Alchemy
“Lots of people are signing up. I feel like Danielle is the yogini of Facebook and has the special magic to create such seductive posts that they are irresistible. Beautiful work.”
– Michelle Shaw, SoulBridging
Sassy Things Maui
“I have such a difficulty learning about this because I am a visual learner and your class was amazing.  I have taken other social media classes offered that I really did not get much from. Your class encouraged me that it is possible for me to do this.”
– Franki Fernandez, Sassy Things Maui
Momma Love Baby - Maui's Maternity Boutique
“I have spent the last 8 weeks in Danielle Miller’s women’s mastermind group. I cannot stress how much I have learned, how much help and support and I have received with my business. I highly recommend joining her next group!”
– Elizabeth Tomoso, Momma Love Baby Maternity

Jean Marie Kokhanovski Infinity Crossing, Co-founder

“Our brand new business was groping about for a buzz generating campaign that would earn more email subscribers and build interest in our new brand. Danielle came up with the idea of launching a customized quiz for our yoga people that would pique their interest, offer them some personalized recommendations, and showcase what our premium plans have to offer. The result of her hard work was beautiful, bold, and highly impactful. That quiz is still by far the best performing campaign we’ve run yet!

– Jean Marie Kokhanovski, Infinity Crossing

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