Wow! Pinterest is so useful for marketing. 7 Pinterest Stats from the Ahalogy Media Report

During lunch with a soon-to-be client she asked, “how do you keep up with all this?” referring to the ever-changing world of social media marketing.

“I read. A lot. And I’ve become a master Googler.”

What I went on to explain was, I read lots of articles (most of which I find on Pinterest). While I’m reading if I don’t understand something the author is saying and he/she doesn’t go on to explain it, I turn to Google. I use all my tricks to find more about the subject until I feel like I have a fair grasp of the concept. I also like to look at the source articles credited for stats, facts, and figures.

That’s how I recently came across the 2015 Pinterest Media Study.

Ahalogy released this study in the form of a 49-page report on how people are using Pinterest in 2015. I naturally dove right in reading up on today’s Pinterest trends. Below I’m highlighting my favorite stats from this report. I invite you to get the full report over at

My Favorite Pinterest Stats for 2015

1. Pinterest is more “search” than “social”

Ahalogy explains, “the Pinner experience is more geared towards personal content discovery than outward social expression.” As a social media pro, I love this about Pinterest. Content discovery means people searching out and finding your products, articles, and pictures. In this way, Pinterest is more like Google than Facebook. (☚ tweet this)

2. Pinterest is perceived as the go-to source

Calling all business owners! If your business has something to do with one of the categories listed below, you better get your butt (and your blog) on Pinterest. More than search, social media, magazines or word of mouth, Pinterest is perceived as the go-to source in the following categories:

  • Design,2015 Pinterest Stats from the Ahalogy Pinterest Media Report
  • DIY & Crafts,
  • Food & Drink,
  • Gardening,
  • Gifts,
  • Hair & Beauty,
  • Home Décor,
  • Photography,
  • Tattoos,
  • Weddings,
  • and Women’s Fashion

3. Pinners are buyers

  • 67% of Active Pinners—and 86% of Daily Pinners— have accessed Pinterest while shopping to buy something they’ve pinned.
  • 73% of Active Pinners indicate they have bought something because they saw it on Pinterest.

Nearly 3 out of every 4 active pinners buy something because they saw it on Pinterest. On other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, people are participating in conversations. There’s a lot more dialogue happening. Pinterest is a place where users have an intent to buy.

4. Promoted Pins inspire purchases 

According to the Ahalogy report,

“About half of the Active Pinners who have noticed Promoted Pins on Pinterest have clicked on them to get more information. More than 40% have made a purchase, suggesting Promoted Pins inspire future action.”

Think about it. In an ideal situation you’d love a customer to see your product or service, then call you when they need what you have. The problem? Timing. Most often the timing of when a customer learns about your business and when they actually need your product don’t match up. Pinterest provides users a way to store these “wish list” items in a way they can easily reference later on. This is why 1 out of every two Active Pinners click on ads. This combine with their higher intent to buy (see stat #3 above) is a sweet spot for bloggers and business owners will to invest a few dollars in advertising.

5. More men are making their way onto Pinterest

Compared to a year ago, there are 75% more male Pinners nowadays. Talk about big user growth potential! Currently about 82% of pinners are women and it’s already awesome for marketing. It gets better… about 20% of active male pinners joined specifically to get information on a brand they love.

6. Pinners follow brands

Pinners follow brands and products more than celebrities and stylists. Business owners, this puts the odds in your favor. 83% of Active Pinners would rather follow a favorite brand than a favorite celebrity. In my opinion, this is because brands are blogging in a way that helps their customers. Blog posts that inspire, teach, and share tips are perfect Pinterest content.

7. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile, Desktop

More than 75% of Pinterest usage takes place on a mobile device. Pinners are using the app on their smartphone or tablet. Your website better be mobile friendly. Otherwise, you’re directing 3 of every 4 pinners to a site that’s not user friendly.


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  1. Nevica Vazquez

    Wow these are some pretty incredible stats! You continue to show me just how powerful Pinterest is! Thanks Danielle!

  2. candice

    Hi Danielle,
    Thanks for sharing I didn’t realise those stats on Pinterest and I also didn’t realise you can advertise on Pinterest either. Definitely something I am going to look into.
    How often do you run your courses?

  3. Danielle Miller

    Hi Candice, I run Pinterest PRO a few times a year. Typically, I announce the workshop via email. I’m happy to keep you in the loop if you’re interested. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Geralin Thomas

    Hi Danielle,
    As a professional organizer, I’m wondering why-oh-why is there not a category called, “Organizing” or “Organization” yet? Home Decor is close but no cigar.

    Any advice for boosting Pinterest to local or city-specific pinners?

  5. Danielle Miller

    Hi Geralin, Thanks for chimming in. There are so many more categories I wish Pinterest would add. Organization seems like a no-brainer! I’ve had a lot of luck reaching the local audience by creating local-themed boards. For example, “Visit Raleigh” or “Restaurants in Raleigh” or “Parks in Raleigh”. I live in Maui and keep a Maui, Hawaii board for all my favorite hikes and tourist attractions. See you on Pinterest! Happy Marketing, Danielle


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