Facebook contests are a great way to build your fan base, increase fan engagement, and collect data on your fans.

Before Starting Your Facebook Contest

There are critical steps that all businesses should take before doing a contest on Facebook. First and foremost, if you are considering running a contest on Facebook, be sure to read the Facebook Contest Guidelines. Learn more about Setting Effective Goals for Your Facebook Contests.

Once you have read the guidelines and clearly defined your goals, you can begin envisioning your contest. Consider the terms and conditions, type of contest (sweepstakes, photo contest, video contest, etc.), length of the contest, and other details. If you would like me to elaborate on the different types of contest, leave me a request in the comments!

Easy-To-Enter Facebook Contest Ideas to Encourage Fan Engagement

By making your contest easy to enter and requiring minimal information, fans will be more open to participating. Below are 5 easy-to-enter Facebook contest ideas that encourage fan engagement.

  1. Tell us how you would use [product/prize] to win it!

  2. Take a photo of you using [product] or at [business or other relevant location] or doing [business relevant activity].

  3. Help name our new [product or company mascot].

  4. Caption this photo to win.

  5. Vote which product goes on sale next.


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