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ABC Social Marketing: Attract, Build, Collect

For business owners, the option to ignore social media marketing has long since past. If you want to graduate to first grade, you’re going to have to learn the ABCs of social marketing.

We learn to sing the ABCs before we learn to write. In part 1 of this series we learned how attracting an audience is like learning to sing. By the time you reach kindergarten, it’s time to learn to write individuals letters. In part 2 of this series we learned how you build a relationship with each letter before you can write the entire alphabet.

The whole point of learning your ABCs is to write words, sentences, and eventually stories. It’s all about opening the flow of communication. ABC Social marketing is about opening the flow of communication between you and your customers. The goal is to collect contact information so you can inform them when you have news.

The 3-step process that makes Social Marketing as easy as ABC by @mmmsocialmedia

Step 3: Collect Conversions

Think of one business right now that if they came out with a new product, offered a special, or had a referral for you, you’d want to know about it. We all have connections with certain businesses that don’t required slimy sales pitches or gimmicks to close the deal. The challenge is to find your loyal customers.

Your fans and followers are potential loyal customers. Build relationships with them and they will want to share their contact information with you. Along the way it can be extremely beneficial to also collect other information about your audience. What information should you collect? 


Collecting email addresses is at the top of the list because it’s one of the easiest forms of communication used today. To encourage your community to take this step trade your best content for your customer’s email address.

Use direct emails to customers respectfully. Follow the golden rule, Do onto others as your would have them do onto you. Only send content you’d also send to your friends or neighbors. No sales pitches or filler. Instead, send quality emails that your customers would be happy to open, read, and forward to others.


If you’ve put a lot of love into designing your website, you want as many people to see it as possible. This goes the same for businesses who have invested a great deal of money into strategic website design. Be sure to share links to your website, blog posts, and online store  on social media. Driving traffic to a well-designed website can make selling your offering effortless.

Customer Data

Get to know your customer intimately. To show you what I mean, let’s play a little game. Think of your closest friend. Can you answer all these questions about your friend?

  • Can you tell me their age?
  • Where do they live?
  • What funny habits do they have?
  • What things are they most likely to complain about?
  • Who is in their family?
  • Is your friend a night owl or a morning person?

You could probably answer all these questions and more about your friend. Now, think of the last person who made a purchase with you. How many questions can you answer? 

Collecting customer data comes down to one simple task. I’ve done it eight times in this post alone. You guessed it… You need to ask questions. Lots of questions.


Even the best relationships in life have been through storms. When someone is complaining about your business, your process, or your product do your best to not take it personally. Try to see their feedback objectively. Listen to comments, questions, and concerns. Identify opportunities, and act on them.

Final Thoughts on ABC Social Marketing

The internet has shifted the world of marketing. Many intelligent and capable entrepreneurs feel like they’re back in kindergarten again trying to the learn their ABCs. Learn social marketing one letter at a time and eventually you will have the power to tell your unique story.

Social marketing is a 3-step process with the goal of opening lines of communications.

  • First, attract attention to your business. When attracting an audience online consider which social media networks they use, how they search things, and whether or not you want to pay to speed up the rhythm.
  • Second, building relationships with your target audience. The more authority, confidence, and trust your build with your customers, the easier it is for them to make a purchase with you.
  • Last,collecting contact information for potential customers. Find your loyal customers and get to know them intimately.

If you enjoyed this article, would you please do me a favor? Leave a comment below to let me know I’m providing helpful content. I look forward to your feedback!

Happy Marketing, Danielle


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The 3-step process that makes Social Marketing as easy as ABC by @mmmsocialmedia

The 3-step process that makes Social Marketing as easy as ABC by @mmmsocialmedia

The 3-step process that makes Social Marketing as easy as ABC by @mmmsocialmedia    Part 1 >> The 3-step process that makes Social Marketing as easy as ABC by @mmmsocialmedia    3 Step Process to Using Social Media for Business by @mmmsocialmedia


  1. Kiran Arora

    This article is actually very useful and practical too to implement.
    It is very crisp and knowledgeable!

  2. Danielle Miller

    Thank you for your supportive feedback, Kiran! – Danielle

  3. Linda

    What a great read! As a starting out online entrepreneur I have found the social marketing bit a little overwhelming but it’s great to find so many high quality blogs and resources out there that nudge you in the right direction. It’s a pretty cool journey to find my own personal voice and angle in all this!

  4. Danielle Miller

    Thank you Linda! The journey of entrepreneurship is indeed a pretty cool thing. If you ever need more resources, I have a few really awesome places for business women to get inspired. I look forward to connecting with you again! -Danielle

  5. Thomas


  6. Dan Polley

    I love the Dos and Dont’s. The one that annoys me the most, and is most likely to lead to me stop following the person/brand, is when contact information is abused. Nothing is more irritating than starting to get emails that you did not sign up for.

  7. Mandy Edwards

    What a great blog series! You’ve done a great job laying out the ABCs with some great tips! I love the graphics as well 🙂

  8. Kimberly Kline

    Love your focus on building relationships. Simply being online and posting your own content does not cut it. It is in the long-term commitment to establishing a give and take where I have found any success. Thanks for sharing your article!


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