Good idea on how to write better blog posts.

Actionable Tip for Writing Better Blog Posts

What makes this blog post writing tip is awesomely actionable?

  • You’re already familiar with this tool
  • Your writing style using this tool comes across more authentic
  • Your writing habit using this tool is task-oriented
  • You won’t lose track of attachments and pictures
  • You can add links and text formatting
  • You can sort blog posts based on the customer avatar

Drumroll please…

Set up a dummy email address for each customer persona you’re targeting. Then, write an email directly to your customer to draft your blog posts. You’ll end up with a blog post written with more authentic and actionable content.

Here’s How it Works

When it’s time to write a blog post (or when you’re starring at your inbox wondering what to do to help build your sales), you can compose an email to your ideal customer. Teach them something new that helps solve a problem.

I was inspired by a tip I learned from Jason & Jeremy on the Internet Business Mastery podcast: Create a [email protected] address and BCC it when you response to emails from clients and customers to build your FAQ page. I’ve used this trick for years now. It finally hit me after updating my customer bios for 2016… why not use the dummy email address for other things too? We’re already in the habit of writing in a more authentic and casual style when we write an email to someone. By setting up bios and email addresses for your ideal client, you can write your ideal customer notes which become fantastic blog posts.

How to Set Up Email as a Blogging Tool in 3 Steps:

1. Write out customer bios and name your avatar.

Here’s what these look like for my business:

Meet Sally Solopreneur Sally is an experienced business women who has a clear vision for her company. She’s past the proof of concept stage. She understands her brand, customer, and message. Her website does a good job of converting leads into customers. She has an email list she builds and nurtures. We brainstorms together to create marketing campaigns that help her reach more people and offer them her worthy product or service.
Meet Startup Suzy Suzy is new to the world of business. She has a clear vision for her company and how she can help others. She’s trying to figure out how to get a business started using online marketing strategies like a website, email list, and social media. Suzy is new to marketing and requires more foundation training and coaching than Sally.
What do Suzy and Sally have in common?  Both Suzy and Sally have a passion for learning. They like to be organized and methodical. Since they both have a lot of other responsibilities, time-saving systems are important. I teach them strategies that have already been tested and proven to produce results so they don’t waste time and money.


How to Setup Dummy Email Addresses in GoDaddy That Forward to Your

Got to your domain registration provider (like Bluehost or GoDaddy). Access the domain email manager. You’ll add a new forwarding email address.

Tutorial for GoDaddy users:

Go to “My Account”

Simple blog post writing tip with Go Daddy tutorial


Click the “+” next to Workspace email. 2015-12-11


*If this is the first time you’re using email forwarding, look for the orange “Set up” button next to Free email forwarding. 2015-12-11 (1)


Click on “Create Forward”. Set up an alias email address for your customer avatar that fowards to your main email. (You do not need to make this a catch all account.) 2015-12-11 (1) 2015-12-11 (2)

3. Compose an Email to Your Customer

Address the email directly to your customer, like your writing him/her a note. Put the new dummy email in the To: field and use the subject line as your catchy headline.



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