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A marketing plan is a key tool for defining goals, scheduling strategies, and tracking your success. It is unique to your business and the milestones you are trying to achieve. A well-developed company vision will guide you in creating your custom social marketing plan.

Developing Your Company Vision and Business Goals

What does it mean to have a clear and complete company vision? To develop a clear and complete company vision you must first understand the three key parts to a solid foundation for your business.

  1. Develop your motivating purpose. Read more about developing your motivating purpose here.
  2. Identify the general group of people who will benefit from your product or service.
  3. Identify the transformation that your end customer will experience. This description should speak in the voice of your customer. It should appeal to the pain and pleasure points of their life.

Armed with a strong foundation, you can piece together all the components of a well-developed company vision. Your company vision should include your company mission statement, your grand vision, and your brand identity/company culture. Our next blog post will dive deeper into these 3 areas. Follow us on social media to get updates when we publish new posts.

Your Vision and Social Marketing Plan

1. Choose a Network

Your complete company vision and a basic understanding of the social networks will help you choose where to join. For example, if your grand vision is to develop an online store for women, you should seriously consider using Pinterest to market your business.

2. Define Goals

Knowing your company vision and mission will be key to developing the strategic goals for your social media marketing plan. Use your social media goals to paint a path that will lead you closer to reaching your Grand Vision.

3. Set a Budget

The difficulty of your goals will, in part, be determined by the pace at which you try to achieve them. Your goals should reflect the realistic achievement of milestones so you are making progress towards realizing your Grand Vision on time. If your goal timeline is short you may need to use strategies such as ads or contest to buy your way into new markets, reach more people, and speed fan growth.

4. Define Your Social Identity

The general sense of how your brand will appear on social media sites should align with your company vision. Consider how the profile pages of your business match with your Grand Vision and ideal customer. The types of posts, voice of the posts, and frequency of the posts should also reflect the needs of your company and customer.

Take Action

A marketing plan doesn’t have to be long and boring. If you haven’t snagged your free marketing plan worksheet, you can get it here: You’re just two clicks away… Click on the link, then click on the picture.

Leave a comment. Ask me a questions, let me know what you think about this article, and share your most recent blog post. Commenting on blog posts is a great way to organically gain brand exposure!



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