In order to be well-developed, the vision should cover three critical components.

3 Components of a Well-Developed Company Vision by Danielle Miller

3 Components of a Well-Developed Company Vision

A well-developed company vision will determine your social media and online marketing presence. As such, you must first understand three key details of your business before you can develop a clear company vision.

  • Understanding your personal single motivating purpose. Read more about developing your motivating purpose here.
  • Identify the general group of people who will benefit from your product or service. The more detailed your customer archetype, the better.
  • Define the transformation that your end customer will experience. Speak in the voice of your customer. Appeal to the pain and pleasure points of their life.

Armed with a strong foundation, you can piece together all the components of your company vision. Your company vision should include:

  1. Your company mission statement
  2. Your grand vision
  3. Your brand identity/company culture

Identify Your Company Mission

If you’re an entrepreneur, your motivating purpose is directly connected to the daily tasks you do and the end benefit for your customer. Your company mission has a direct connection to your personal single motivating purpose. The main difference is the company mission is more specific than your motivating purpose.

In addition to stating your motivating purpose, it will speak to “How” you will get paid to live your purpose. According to this article by, your mission should answer these four questions:

  1. What do you do?
  2. How do you do it?
  3. Whom do you do it for?
  4. What unique value are you bringing?

Define Your Grand Vision

The grand vision is a description of your business as it will be when you have taken it as far as you plan to. It describes the type people you are serving, how the product or service is being delivered to them, and the internal structure of the business.

The key element to actualizing your Grand Vision is the inclusion of a date by which you want to achieve this idea business. This date should be achievable and realistic.

Your grand vision should be structured in a way that supports your ideal life both financially and spiritually. Your end role in the company should be full of energizing and fulfilling activities.

A thorough grand vision is the blueprint for your achieved business. What organizational roles are there? Managers? Franchisees? Sub-contractors? Interns?

3 Components of a Well-Developed Company Vision by Danielle Miller mmmsocialmedia.comEmbody Your Brand Identity

The final piece of a complete and clear company vision is a description of your brand identity.

Keeping your grand vision and company mission in mind, you will need to script out what it means to be your customer. How do you want your customer to feel when they interact with your business? What is your thing? What is the core message your company wants to communicate?

This is your company’s team spirit.

Take your company mission and get a bit more specific by identifying areas of interaction between you and your customers. Then, come up with a set of systems that will leave the customer feeling just as you intended. 


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