This blog post series spotlights women entrepreneurs kicking butt in business. We all play so many roles in life that it can seem overwhelming to also run a business. I hope you find their success stories inspiring.

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Interviews with women entrepreneurs - Meet maternity boutique owner, Elizabeth Tomoso

Tell us about your business. What makes Momma Love Baby Maternity Boutique unique?

  • Momma Love Baby Maternity is unique because of it’s mobile format.  I’ve made my availability flexible and easy.  The whole principle of my business is that I want to help parents ease their transition into parenthood, and help build their confidence and skills. Becoming a parent can be pretty chaotic so I know how precious time can be. By being able to come to families in their home, when it is convenient for them, I hope to eliminate some of that chaos.

Sometimes in order to find solutions to business problems, we need to step away from business. Can you recall a time when taking time off helped your business?

  • I am actually about to take some time away from my business for a few months.  I am returning to my career in healthcare in order to work on planning my next business decisions.  By doing this, I hope to focus on building some business relationships that I have recently formed in order to strengthen my network and expand my reach.

What were two big investments you’ve made in your business? Were they worth it?

  • One big investment I have made in my business so far was to purchase initial inventory.  I knew I needed some physical goods in order to start my business, so this investment was definitely worth it.  I was able to start marketing and spreading the word that my business was “open.”
  • A second big investment I made was joining Danielle’s Miller Media Mastermind group.  I technically already been in business for two years, but things were moving slowly, and I had realized that I was overwhelmed with spreading my time managing so many different channels for my business.  These channels were mainly in the form or social media accounts and webpage.  I knew that all these channels could work together to help build my business, but had very little knowledge of how to actually make that happen.  Luckily, I met Danielle at the perfect time to learn exactly what I needed.  This investment was also definitely worth it.  Without the knowledge I gained, I know that I would not have progressed as much as I have since then.

What brings you happiness? This can be something in your business or personal life.

  • There are two main things that drive me to my business.  The first thing is the sheer fact that my current career in healthcare is not my passion.  I like my job, I don’t LOVE my job.  I really LOVE my little business that I’ve built for myself, and love that when I am working for my business, it doesn’t feel like work.  I know that parents are looking for help in every corner when they have a baby (I was one of them not too long ago).  I feel that in this process of my business I have discovered that my passion to help empower pregnant women and parents with the things that will help them feel the most confident.  The second thing that drives me to my business is my daughter.  I want her growing up knowing that it is OK to work hard, but to have fun at the same time.


_DSC9336-Edit (1)Elizabeth Tomoso, owner Momma Love Baby Maternity Boutique

Elizabeth is a born and raised Hawaii girl. She started Momma Love Baby Maternity Boutique after the birth of her daughter 4 years ago. She is an occupational therapist, certified educator of infant massage, child passenger safety technician, and certified Mother Roaster. Elizabeth is striving to be a community resource for all things related to pregnancy and new parenthood, and has a wide network of business connections to assist you with your needs. She lives in Makawao with her husband and daughter.



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