This blog post series spotlights women entrepreneurs kicking butt in business. We all play so many roles in life that it can seem overwhelming to also run a business. I hope you find their success stories inspiring. Happy Marketing, Danielle

Women Entrepreneur Interview Series: Meet Nail Stylist Bridgett Parker

Tell us about your business. What makes Jamberry Nail Wraps unique?

  • Women are busy and looking for ways to save on expenses. Painting your nails takes time and they seem to get smudged immediately after application, or chip the next day. Jamberry is truly the Nail Revolution. These non-toxic, heat and pressure activated nail wraps are applied in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the salon price. Plus, when applied properly, they last up to 2 weeks on fingernails and 6 weeks on toes! Can your polish do that?

Sometimes in order to find solutions to business problems, we need to step away from business. Can you recall a time when taking time off helped your business?

  • Yes! I can sense that feeling of becoming overwhelmed–and I turn off my social media and turn to devotions, fitness and solitude. I’ve found so much clarity while walking my dog on the ocean. When you leave “life’s noise” behind, you can think clearer and solve problems in your head. I typically take Sunday’s off to recharge for the week.

What were two big investments you’ve made in your business? Were they worth it?

  • I bought myself a new laptop right after Christmas. I didn’t want to spend the money, as it was a very large investment. However, it has been a HUGE help to have a faster machine with more up-to-date features. Danielle’s mastermind class was a big one also. The expense and the time involved attending class, and doing the follow up work. It was one of the best things I did for my business. Each week I learned something new and was able to apply to my business.

What brings you happiness? This can be something in your business or personal life.

  • Living on Maui. Photographing life’s moments. The beach.
Aloha! I’m Bridgett Parker and I live on Maui. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we are raising two teenagers. I was born and raised in Minnesota but had enough of snow and cold and made my way to Hawaii almost two years ago. I love living here: The people, the weather, the views. Thankfully my husband and my dog love to be adventurous and we explore often.
When I’m not doing fun outdoorsy Maui stuff, I am working my business. I am a Jamberry Nails Consultant. Jamberry has many products but they are known for their durable, non-toxic, heat and pressure activated nail wraps. This product gives women the chance to have beautiful nails at the fraction of the salon price. I market these at vendor events, home parties and online Facebook parties. You can see more at I’m always handing out samples so ladies can “try before they buy.”  Contact me today and I can tell you more.
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Women Entrepreneur Interview Series: Meet Nail Stylist Bridgett Parker

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  1. Susan Noble

    Love Jamberry Nails and blessed to have so many friends in this business and like Bridgett give us the chance to have beautiful nails at a fraction of the salon price. I also love that they are non-toxic. What an amazing place to live Hawaii is a beautiful paradise

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