Free LinkedIn Workshop offered by Maui Social Media School

5 Things Every Linkedin Marketer Needs to be Successful

Linkedin is the #1 professional networking site, but do you know how to leverage your profile? Learn how to make Linkedin work best for you as a professional, for business development and for networking.

Nicole “nico” Fisher, Owner and Marketer and Trainer at Skywriting by…nico, delivers guidance to optimize your use of Linkedin as a professional business tool.

You will learn:

1. Profile-building techniques to optimize your presence
2. Strategies to develop your personal brand through Linkedin
3. Tips for business growth and development
4. Guidance for effective networking, both in person and online
5. Using Groups to establish your expertise

 RSVP by calling the Maui County Business Resource Center at 808-270-5770

Maui Social Media School hosts workshops for local business owners and marketers in Maui, Hawaii. These events are designed for you if

  • you’re a freedom-seeking solopreneur,
  • you’re the go-to employee for marketing and social media, or
  • you’re daring to go pro in the booming social marketing industry.

Workshop topics focus on simpler, results-driven ways to use social media, SEO, and email marketing to increase sales.

Topic: 5 Things Every Linkedin Marketer Needs to be Successful

Wednesday, Sept 26
12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
at Maui County Business Resource Center

Cost: FREE

RSVP by calling 808-270-5770


Ready to get serious

about marketing and

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About the Instructor: Meet Nicole Fisher…

Nicole “nico” Fisher is the principal at Skywriting by…nico. She is passionate about giving back to the community by offering several business training classes for Small Business Owners, Professionals, Senior Entrepreneurs, and Solopreneurs. She LOVES her job and wants to help Small Business Owners and Professionals grow by helping them create an online profile that will help them become functionally fit and effective with their online marketing and growth management projects. Nico’s goal is to teach small business owners how to use Social Media to their best advantage. It can be used as a marketing tool, a prospecting tool, and most effectively when networking.