Welcome to Pinterest Pro!

Welcome to Pinterest PRO!

see-you-in-class -2Hi! I’m Danielle Miller, small business enthusiast and professional social media marketer. Pinterest is my favorite social network because it produces long term results, tons of brand exposure, and trackable sales. You can make Pinterest your #1 source of website traffic with proper training and a clear plan.

Should you have any questions, need clarification, or would like to book a private consult, my email address is [email protected].

Ready to get started? Below you’ll find a series of video lessons and guides. I provide actionable tips in every lesson, so I recommend blocking out at least 30 minutes of workshop time after watching the video.

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Start Here → Pinterest PRO Strategy Guide

The Pinterest PRO Strategy Guide includes tips for getting started, six strategies for organically growing your followers, and an overview of best practices. The videos below offer detailed instruction on strategies used by professionals to market products and services on Pinterest. Have fun with it! Play around. And test, test, test.


Training Videos

Introduction: Why Pinterest?

Lesson 1: Five Pillars of Pinterest Marketing

Lesson 2: Profile Perfection!

Lesson 3: Fast Track Your Reach

Lesson 4: Keyword Research

Lesson 5: Ready Your Website

Lesson 6: Advertise on Pinterest

Lesson 7: Analytics Tour