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Just as customers expect businesses to have a website or an email address, customers now also expect businesses to have a presence on social media. And why shouldn’t they?

Social media is an easy way for customers to stay informed about your business. The internet has create a place where word-of-mouth marketing can go from “how fast can you speak?” to “how fast can you click?”

A Miller Media, We work with entrepreneurs just like to you to setup, optimize, maintain, and track profiles on the top social networking sites. Click here to read some of our testimonials.

Getting Started

What if I don’t have a social media page yet?  Get started off on the right foot with a professional looking page. Schedule a coaching meeting where you can be guided through the process of opening your accounts.

Don’t have the time and energy to learn how to build a profile or a page for your business? As your social marketing consultant, we can set up your accounts for you with a professional look and feel.


Are your accounts open and active?  If you already have a page our optimization services can help take your presence to the next level. Strategically set yourself up for success by integrating social media with your overall marketing plan.

Identify areas of improvement with an evaluation.  A custom evaluation and initial consultation meeting will help you prioritize tasks needed to make your page more effective.


Once your fan page is up and running, what’s next?  Your primary goal in social marketing should be to make your fan page a place worth visiting. Created a lively and fun place for fans to interact by posting regularly and responding to engagement.

Miller Media offers a comprehensive monitoring and posting service. This service is designed to save your hours each week that would otherwise be dedicated to maintaining an active social media presence. Social media management packages start at $1000/month. Please contact us for an official estimate.


How do businesses use social media to get sales? Transform marketing from a time consuming guessing game into a strategic system that attracts loyal buyers. Weekly and monthly coaching sessions available. Ask us about our upcoming courses with Edventures at the University of Hawaii Maui Campus!

Confidently tackle your social media marketing with our weekly or monthly training sessions. People will want to visit your page if they find value in your content. Let us teach you proven strategies to create valuable content.

Social Marketing Strategy Meetings

Customers, potential customers, and supporters will want to visit your page if they find value in your content. Establishing value on your page can mean sharing stories, giving your fans a behind the scenes look at your business, or starting discussions. Ask them questions and encourage conversations. The quality content you provide should invite fans to interact with your page.

Meeting with a qualified social networking consultant can help you prioritize tasks and create checklists for optimizing your fan page. With a clear plan and expert advice, you can confidently tackle the social marketing for your small business.

After an initial consultation, you can effectively outsource projects to our staff à la carte. Free estimates available for all projects. Areas of Experience include: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WordPress, branded image design, image cropping and formatting, sales copy review, blogging & vlogging (video blogging) training, blog design, email marketing, and more. To inquire about any of these services, please call Danielle at (808) 633-1033.

Build momentum and get growing with social media. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.