Social Marketing Training

Social media marketing training is critical for independent business owners. With a clear understanding of social networking, entrepreneurs are able to integrate new marketing strategies to stay in contact with customers.

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Miller Media offers social marketing training on Maui. Join other local entrepreneurs at one of our free classes, take an in-depth training with our EdVentures courses or schedule a private coaching session.


Sassy Things Maui
“I have such a difficulty learning about this because I am a visual learner and Danielle’s class was amazing. I have taken other social media classes offered that I really did not get much from. Her classes encouraged me that it is possible for me to do this.”  

                                     – Franki Fernandez, Sassy Things Maui


Marketing Training on Maui

Miller Media has partnered with EdVentures UH Maui to offer a series of social media marketing courses. Local business owners can register for these non-credit course through the EdVentures website.

The first step in marketing your business is developing your marketing foundations. A clear brand and message is key to long-term success. Who will you help with your product or service? What benefits will they experience from being your customer? And, how can you effectively communicate this message through your website?

Once you have a clear direction for your marketing efforts, it’s time to understand how your website, email marketing, and social media presence will all work together. Learn online strategies to grow your business with our Social Marketing course.

Ready to dive into detailed training for specific social networks? Miller Media offers a Know Your Networks series where business owners can learn how to use Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter for Business.

Free classes are occasionally hosted at the Maui County Business Resource Center. Check their calendar of events and join our mailing list to stay in the loop.
MMM Icons_group trainingBring in a Maui social media professional to speak to your team. Danielle Miller is a social media keynote speaker. She is available for on-site group trainings on Maui. This service is ideal for teaching your team of real estate agents, sales personnel, or tour guides about using social marketing strategies. Contact us to discuss topics and rates.

Strategy Meetings

Meeting with a qualified social networking consultant can help you prioritize tasks and create checklists for optimizing your fan pages. With a clear plan and expert advice, you can confidently tackle the social marketing for your small business. After an initial consultation, you may choose to outsource projects to our staff.


Social Networking Training | Bloom Massage Works
“I’m amazed and delighted!!! Danielle is fun to work with and very clear! She took time to go over things before we met and it made me feel that there was so much value in our meeting! Her organization is very refreshing. I finally feel like the ball is moving.”
                                     – Amanda Marshall, Bloom Massage Works


Getting Started

What if I don’t have a social media page yet?  You know getting on social media is important, but you haven’t had the time and energy to learn how to build a profile or a page for your business.

Hiring a professional to open your accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+ is easy and can produce a better result. As your social marketing consultant, we can set up your accounts with a professional look and feel.



Once your accounts are open and active,what’s next? If you’ve already created a page and been posting for a while, our optimization services can help take your page to the next level.

Identify areas of improvement with a consultation.  A custom evaluation and initial consultation meeting will help you prioritize tasks needed to make your page more effective. We can also recommend strategies for reaching and engaging more people.


MMM Icons_free estimatesFree estimates available for all projects. Areas of experience include: Social media system development, Facebook page optimization, Pinterest profiles, Twitter strategies, WordPress websites, blogging, and email marketing. To inquire about any of these services, please call Danielle at 808-633-1033.