Business Marketing Series in Maui

Marketing Foundations – Your Business Core

Want to effectively market your business, but don’t know where to start? This 2 day workshop sets you up for a successful marketing campaign. Start off on the right foot by developing the core of your business marketing. Learn how to craft a mission statement that matters, write compelling about copy, identify core keywords, and so much more.  

Marketing Hub – Your Business Online

Learn how to build a business website the easy way. Using step-by-step directions and live workshops, this 2 day class will teach you how to get a domain name, design your website, and set your website up to collect contact information from potential customers. Designed for businesses who want to self-manage a website that does the work for you.

Social Marketing – Your Business Growth

This 2 day workshop teaches you how to create a marketing plan that drives business growth. Learn social media marketing strategies that give you big results for minimal budget. Identify, attract, and nurture a community of loyal customers genuinely support your business. Map out the next year of goals and strategies to build momentum and grow your business. 


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