This article features my favorite online communities for women in business. I’m also taking the opportunity to give a shout out to some inspiring women entrepreneurs. The lovely graduates of Women’s Mastermind Maui were my inspiration for writing this post.

International Women’s Day is Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy International Women’s Day! This is the perfect excuse to celebrate all that women can accomplish. One of my favorite areas to watch women excel is in business. According to a 2007 study by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor,  women are more likely to share knowledge and financial gains with others. This sharing can create stronger community bonds that supports the local economy. So, today’s post is jam-packed with resources for women in business.

Amazing Women Kicking Butt in Business

Over eighty-eight percent of the approximately 8 million women-owned businesses in the US are solopreneurs (source). That makes me one of over seven million women entrepreneurs in search of support and inspiration. One trick I’ve learned for staying motivated is to seek out and follow mentors in business. These mentors are people I respect and know I can learn from as they grow their businesses. My full list of mentors is much longer than just this, but for the sake of keeping it simple I’m highlighting just four women in today’s post.

Heather Crabtree

Internation Women's Day - Top Women in Business

Once you get to know this bubbly and supportive business coach, everything seems a little brighter in business. She uses her streamlining skills to guide other women through the business building process. With smarter business systems in place, women can find a much needed balance. Learn more about Heather’s open community for savvy business women in the Business Support section of this article.[clear]

Rebekah Radice

Rebekah-1254_retouchedAs an author, speaker, and strategist, one can image Rebekah wouldn’t have time to give away fantastic marketing advice so often. For the second year in a row a Rebekah earned her spot on Inman News’ “Top 100 Social Media and Technology Leaders”. Rebekah’s top blog post last year was shared more than 4,000 times and she has a loyal following on social media. I was so honored to have her recommend my ABCs of Social Media article.[clear]

Susan Finch


Susan is an inspiration in both business and the spirit of goodwill. Not only is she a talented geek-of-all-trades, she also launched Binky Patrol in 1996. Binky Patrol is a non-profit on a mission to make and give blankets to those in need of comfort. Thanks to her brilliant marketing skills Binky Patrol received a brief mention on “Oprah”! She’s openly sharing her tricks for conquering business tech needs in her weekly podcast, Geekspeak Guides.[clear]

Anna Bennett

RevisedWatermarkAnna is one today’s list for one very big reason. She’s giving Pinterest fanatics a way to making a living doing what they love. This is a dream job for so many women! The special training program focuses on how to become a Pinterest Account Manager. Thank you Anna for sharing your experience building a seven-figure Pinterest business with us. I look forward to more of your priceless Pinterest advice.[clear]

Business Support for Women One Click Away

Since my job keeps me at my computer so much, I’ve really enjoyed being a part of communities available online for women in business. These groups offer forums for finding potential business partners, new clients, and getting answers to everyday business questions.

  1. Reach.Connect.Uplift.Women – hosted by Lany Sullivan ๑ This Google+ community is awesome because of its message and members. RCU Women provides support in the form of weekly broadcasts, uplifting posts, and insightful discussions for women.
  2. Savvy Business Owners – hosted by Heather Crabtree ๑ This Facebook group brings together women in creative businesses. The group’s news feed is a place to discover articles, get help for common challenges, and share success stories.

Articles for Women in Business

I hope this article introduced you to some inspiring women in business. It’s a women feeling to come together and support each other on this journey of entrepreneurship. Come find me in one of those communities!

4 Steps for Overcoming Entrepreneur Overload by Danielle Miller

Five Healthy Habits for Women in Business by Krista Butler

6 Top Tips for Making Your Startup Super Efficient By Dylan Kohlstädt

Entrepreneur Group Board on Pinterest


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