Blog post: The Successful Entrepreneurs Secret to Long Term Business Motivation by @mmmsocialmedia

As a business owner you are likely to find yourself working long hours and wearing many hats. Defining your business motivation, especially in the beginning, is so important!

The long hours and endless urge to innovate can be both physically and mentally draining. Losing sight of why you are putting in so much effort can lead to business burnout. Avoid burning out by defining your business motivation in the form of a motivating purpose or company mission.

There are three types of posts that we use to connect with readers. The first will entertain, the second will educate, the third will empower. This post is intended to empower you by making you think about what activities are energizing and fulfilling to you.

Understanding what you are working so hard to achieve will help you avoid business burnout and keep your eye on the prize. Initially, you should consider the energizing activities that you enjoy doing on a personal level. Then, find ways to translate these motivations to activities you do in business.

Your Core Motivating Purpose

Define your business motivation for long term success! By @mmmsocialmediaImagine being so motivated and energized by your business that you wake up excited to tackle everyday activities.

Sounds blissful, doesn’t it? Having a higher purpose and identifying activities that leave you feeling fulfilled can inspired you for the long term.

No one can spell out your motivating purpose for you. But, there are resources out there that can guide you and ask the right questions to help you figure it out on your own.

Sometimes reading what other people find motivating can kick-start your brainstorming session. You can take a peak at my core motivating purpose here.

By far one (or should I say two) of my personal favorite resources are the Internet Business Masters, Jeremy and Jason. These guys are a highly recommended go-to source for guidance about developing a better understanding of your motivating purpose.

Here is their fantastic podcast about the importance of and creation of your motivating purpose. The three key takeaways from this podcast I’d like to point out are:

  1. The IBM formula for coming up with your single motivating purpose: “I get up in the morning to do _____ in order to _____.”
  2. There are six criteria Jason and Jeremy identified for developing your Single Motivating Purpose: Valuable, Remarkable, Universal, Energizing, Intrinsic, and Increasing. Read more about how these six criteria are defined here.
  3. Three common motivating factors in life are fulfillment, freedom, and recognition. But the true reason you love to do what you do is unique to you.
  4. Successful business partners usually have a common thread that connect their motivating purpose to one another.

The concept of a core motivating purpose is not meant to be set in stone. As you become more aware of what activities leave you feeling energized and fulfilled, you core purpose will blossom.

Your Core Company Mission

The company you create should be a means of achieving your ideal life. To get you thinking about how your company structure affects your life consider these questions:

  • What would a day in the life of successful you look like?
  • How many weekly hours would you like to dedicate to work?
  • What income level would you like to achieve?
  • What are the first 3 things you would pay off and first 3 things you would buy?

The company mission should support your personal motivating purpose. Read about how our company vision supports my key motivating purpose here.

If you are an entrepreneur your motivating purpose may be reflected in the daily tasks you do or the end benefit for your customer. As an employee, knowing your motivating purpose can help you choose a company to work for that shares common core values.