How to Use Pinterest for Business

Did you know? Pinterest is the fourth largest traffic source in the world. In fact, it drives more referral traffic to websites than LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined!

Learn how this social network can help your business.  Build relationship, establish brand authority, reach a wider audience, and drive traffic to your website using Pinterest for business. For more Pinterest for business tips check out our Pinterest for Business board.

How to Use Pinterest for Business – Slideshow

What questions do you have about using Pinterest for Business? Share them with us in the comments below!

About the Author

Danielle Miller is Maui’s Marketing Coach and Founder of Miller Media Management. Her marketing coaching and business consultations help business owners take action.

“It can be easy to get so caught up working for or in your business that you forget to work ON your business. That’s where I come in” she explains. Danielle specializes in authentically marketing small businesses on social media to fuel sales. Check out her Yelp reviews or testimonials to hear what others have to say.

How to Use Pinterest for Business - Slideshow by Miller Media Management

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  1. Dolly Traicoff says

    I just got a business account on Pinterest. I’m an artist and will be marketing my art. Not to sound negative, but I think I’ll have a tougher time selling art than if I was selling fashion items, jewelry, etc.
    Your thoughts, please.

  2. Danielle Miller says

    Hi Dolly. I think it’s all about the packaging / marketing. The trickiest part about selling art is finding a way to copyright your images so posting a picture of them doesn’t allow someone to use it without purchasing it. What type of art do you sell?

  3. Danielle, I couldn’t get any reaction as I clicked to view the How to Use Pinterest for Business slideshow. I don’t know if something is missing from my computer to view or what.

    I’m from Australia but I have visited your beautiful Maui a couple of times.


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