How to Use Google Drive to Create Graphics for Your Business

At least once a month someone asks me how I create graphics for my social media posts, blog articles, and ad images. These picture-quotes and infographics are wonderful way to capture your audience’s attention. Plus, they provide a branding opportunity if you watermark your images. In today’s article, I’m sharing my secret for a super […]

January Marketing Classes on Maui

Grab your calendar! January is a fantastic time to set yourself up for success in 2015. Which of these marketing classes on Maui will you take? Don’t miss the BONUS class on Tue, Dec 30th!   Marketing Class on Maui Class: Creating a Social Marketing Plan for 2015 Date: Tuesday, December 30, 2014, 12:00 pm […]

Simple Tricks for Holiday Marketing

Simple Tricks for Holiday Marketing Gifts. Sales. Parties. Visitors. Decorating. Hosting. Planning. There’s so much to think about this time of year. To help simplify your holiday marketing, we’ve put together three simple yet powerful ideas for social media marketing during the holidays. 1. Use Holiday Themed Hashtags Hashtags are placed in social media posts […]

Why Posting to Social Media Daily Is Doing It Wrong

    Save Time by Scheduling Your Posts As busy business owners there is rarely a time when we get to feel ahead of the curve. There is always something that needs to be created, improved, or addressed. Scheduling your social media posts in advance can give you peace of mind and free you from […]

How to Start Using Social Media for Business

So you’ve decided to use social media as part of your business marketing strategy. This is a wonderful opportunity to build profitable relationships, collaborate with your fans, and connect with customers. The first step in using social media for business is deciding which networks you would like to join. As a general guideline, ease yourself […]

4 Categories of Facebook Ads

Businesses worldwide are turning to Facebook ads to reach potential customers. When the time comes for your business to create a Facebook ad campaign, it is important to understand the basics of advertising on Facebook. All Facebook ads are purchased using an auction format. Advertisers bid on the price per click or price per impression. […]